The True Value of Digitising Business Critical Documents


Ricoh sponsored research shows that European businesses need to reap the benefits of tackling the ‘bigger data’ opportunity by digitising business critical hard copy documents for decision-making.

In its latest sponsored study conducted by Coleman Parkes, Ricoh sets out to determine the financial and operational value which European business leaders are missing out on.

The study was conducted during May and June 2013 by Coleman Parkes Research. The online survey consisted of 735 senior business and IT decision makers across 8 vertical sectors, education, legal, utilities/energy, healthcare, public sector, retail, manufacturing and financial services sectors. Participating respondents were from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, the Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark), Switzerland and Russia.

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Financial services industry digitises data to improve decison making and reduce costs

European financial services organisations have made bigger strides towards unlocking the ‘bigger data’ opportunity – the digitisation of business critical, hard copy documents for business decision making – than those operating within education, healthcare and the public sector. Despite leading the way, there is still plenty more progress to be made.

The True Value of Digitising Business Critical Documents

Leaders are aware that the business opportunities of big data go beyond the digital and must address the physical documents that also hold critical business insights. However, they still foresee volumes of hard copy information growing in the workplace. 


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