Reviewing and Optimising Back Office Functions to Drive Education Forward

There is great excitement about the future of learning in Europe. The European Commission’s Opening Up Education initiative is driving the move towards open educational resources, including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), while technology is enhancing the student experience. However, institutions face the underlying pressure to deliver more, often with fewer resources, whilst remaining an attractive place of study. With multiple levels of bureaucracy, layers of administrators and fragmented shared vision, institutions continue to function without any real change to operations.

Executives have recognised the need for back office transformation to improve core functions which are often document and process-heavy. When asked to identify the areas where adapting to change was most crucial, their most citied responses were improving core business processes (44 per cent), recruiting new staff (42 per cent) and adopting new technologies (40 per cent). They also ranked these exact areas as those where they expect the most change over the next three years, demonstrating a belief that having the right processes, people and technology is essential to achieving fast speed.

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