A speedier route to change for European businesses

Rapid cultural and technological change has left many European businesses overconfident about the true speed at which their organisation is responding to change. They are not reacting to changes fast enough and few can rapidly take advantage of new opportunities or adapt to unexpected changes.

For many business leaders the pressure and perceived complexity to change business operations from traditional to more digital ways of working is obscuring the true rate of success.

The rapid pace at which technology is disrupting markets and reshaping relationships with customers has driven organisational agility to the top of the business agenda. Fast companies are not only innovative and enthusiastic adopters of new technology but are also able to change core business processes to ensure true organisational change and involve all employees on the journey. Reviewing all three areas will allow leaders to evaluate the business as a whole and truly state that speed is a part of their culture and that they are operating with the DNA that is required to succeed into the future.

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