Financial Services Leaders Reveal the Challenges of Speed and how to Change Faster

Financial services leaders say the biggest barriers to increasing the speed of change for greater business agility are process related. They rank bureaucratic decision making processes (47 per cent), effectively linking technology platforms (40 per cent) and insufficient access to information (35 per cent) as the most obtrusive. By improving core business processes, they can turn perceived risks into benefits and increase the rate of change while meeting client needs, remaining efficient and minimising risk.

Drawing on more expertise and driving internal change programmes will allow organisations to benefit from new ways of working. As critical processes are being optimised, leaders can invest more of their time and resources in core business activities and drive the organisation into the future.

With their competitive edge, industry status and ability to realise greater profits at stake, as well as the opportunity to bypass competitors, financial services organisations must lay the appropriate foundations for faster change today.

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